Forget pictures of scantily clad women and tear off numbers. 

Get ready for a whirlwind of functionality, faster planning tools, massive efficiency gains and unmatched teamwork.

Schedule Appointements in One Click

Do you need to find a suitable time for meeting with colleagues? If they share their calendar with you, you can find the time yourself or Google will suggest it.

You can share your calendar, or choose whether others will see all the details or just your free/busy information.

Access Anywhere

Whether you’re on a computer, tablet or phone, you always have access to the Calendar. Create records on the go and plan in the moment.

All you have to do is have an application installed to ensure seamless data synchronisation, even from Exchange accounts.

Information to Everyone Immediately

Are you, for example, a hairdresser informing customers about availability? Dont want to pay large amounts for website programming? Create a website in G Suite to publish your calendar content. Everytime you change your phones calendar, the change will take effect immediately on the webpage. It couldnt be easier 🙂

Scheduling a Corporate Event

Do you want to do a corporate event on a date that will suit most employees? Create an event in a shared calendar and allow invitees to edit the date of the event. Soon, thanks to shared information from colleagues, silver the most suitable date for your significant other.

You no longer need to send bulk emails across your business and see who responded last. Keep your head and inbox clean of stress. 



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